Brief Applied Calculus by James Stewart

Brief Applied Calculus

Book Title: Brief Applied Calculus

Publisher: Brooks Cole

ISBN: 0534423825

Author: James Stewart

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James Stewart with Brief Applied Calculus

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New from James Stewart and Daniel Clegg, BRIEF APPLIED CALCULUS takes an intuitive, less formal approach to calculus without sacrificing the mathematical integrity. Featuring a wide range of applications designed to motivate students with a variety of interests, clear examples detailing important mathematical processes, and a vast collection of exercises appropriate for students with disparate skill sets, this first edition is perfect for students who need to learn how to apply calculus concepts rather than replicate the formal proofs behind the techniques. Early coverage of exponential and logarithmic functions allows for the inclusion of many interesting applications throughout the text. Available with a range of supplements including Enhanced WebAssign, BRIEF APPLIED CALCULUS makes calculus approachable so any student can understand the concepts and be successful in the course.